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REGULATOR Dane, Datasheet

ALL ACE Technology Co., LTD.(61)Active-Semi, Inc(20)Acutechnology Semiconductor(9)ADDtek Corp(17)Advanced Analog Technology, Inc.(18)Advanced Analogic Technologies(43)Advanced Monolithic Systems(62)Advanced Monolithic Systems Ltd(15)Advanced Power Electronics Corp.(64)Advanced Semiconductor(2)Aeroflex Circuit Technology(13)Agamem Microelectronic Inc.(2)AIMTEC(34)Aimtron Technology(9)AIT Components Ltd.(40)Allegro MicroSystems(127)Alpha & Omega Semiconductors(125)Alpha Industries(2)Altera Corporation(14)American Microsemiconductor(1)AMETHERM Circuit Protection Thermistors(1)AMI SEMICONDUCTOR(2)ams AG(19)Anachip Corp(24)Analog Devices(198)Analog Intergrations Corporation(68)Analog Microelectronics(26)Anaren Microwave(53)Anpec Electronics Coropration(132)Asahi Kasei Microsystems(26)ATMEL Corporation(37)AUK corp(36)Austin Semiconductor(4)Avia Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(1)Avic Technology(2)BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited(103)Boca Semiconductor Corporation(1)Bookly Micro electronic(2)Burr-Brown (TI)(10)California Micro Devices Corp(31)Calogic, LLC(9)Catalyst Semiconductor(10)Central Semiconductor Corp(1)Ceramate Technical(6)Champion Microelectronic Corp.(19)Cherry Semiconductor Corporation(46)Coilcraft lnc.(2)Communications & Power Industries, Inc.(1)Compact Technology Corp.(2)Compensated Deuices Incorporated(6)Continental Device India Limited(17)CUI INC(26)Cypress Semiconductor(1)Cystech Electonics Corp.(96)Dallas Semiconductor(2)Dc Components(26)Delta Electronics, Inc.(2)Dialight Corporation(1)Digitron Semiconductors(1)Diodes Incorporated(172)Diotec Semiconductor(3)E-CMOS Corporation(24)E-Tech Electronics LTD(80)EIC discrete Semiconductors(3)Elantec Semiconductor(5)ELM Electronics(11)ELM Technology Corporation(29)ELMOS Semiconductor AG(3)EM Microelectronic - MARIN SA(4)Enpirion, Inc.(9)Eorex Corporation(8)Ericsson(8)Estek Electronics Co. Ltd(16)Eutech Microelectronics Inc(27)Exar Corporation(66)Galaxy Semi-Conductor Holdings Limited(11)List of Unclassifed Manufacturers(96)List of Unclassifed Manufacturers(105)NANJING AH ELECTRONICS CO., LTD(1)Nanjing International Group Co(3)SHANGHAI BELLING CO., LTD.(61)
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Allegro MicroSystems
A4402_12 The A4402 is a dual-output regulator, combining in a single package a constant on-time buck regulator and a linear regulator (LDO)—each with adjustable output voltages.

Seiko Instruments Inc

Toshiba Semiconductor
TCR5SC15FE 150 mA CMOS Low-Dropout Regulator (Point regulator)

ON Semiconductor
CS5112 1.4 A Switching Regulator with 5.0 V, 100 mA Linear Regulator with Watchdog, RESET and ENABLE

Intersil Corporation
CA1523_00 Voltage Regulator Control Circuit for Variable Switching Regulator

Panasonic Semiconductor
AN30183A 600mA Synchronous DC-DC Step Down Regulator (1ch) 300mA LDO Regulator (4ch) Multi Power Supply (High Efficiency Power LSI)

Sipex Corporation
SP4446_06 High Output Voltage Boost Regulator LCD Bias Regulator

ON Semiconductor
CS2001 1.2 A Switching Regulator, and 5.0 V, 100 mA Linear Regulator with RESET

Exar Corporation
SP4446 High Output Voltage Boost Regulator LCD Bias Regulator

Toshiba Semiconductor
TCR5SB15 200mA CMOS Low-Dropout Regulator (Point Regulator)

BD9833KV 8 Channel Switching Regulator Controller and 1 Series Regulator for DVC
BD00C0AWFPS-M Single-Output LDO Regulator 35V Voltage Resistance 1A LDO Regulator

Analog Devices
ADP2441-EVALZ The ADP2441 evaluation board is a complete, dc-to-dc switch-ing regulator design based on the ADP2441, a configurable, 1 A, synchronous step-down, dc-to-dc regulator.

Toshiba Semiconductor
TCR5SB12 200 mA CMOS Low-Dropout Regulator (Point Regulator)

Seiko Instruments Inc

Infineon Technologies A...
TLE4275_07 5-V Low Drop Fixed Voltage Regulator 5-V Low Drop Fixed Voltage Regulator

Toshiba Semiconductor
2SK2311_09 Chopper Regulator, DC−DC Converter and Switching Regulator Applications

Linear Technology
LTC1704B_15 550kHz Synchronous Switching Regulator Controller Plus Linear Regulator Controller
LTC1704EGN 550kHz Synchronous Switching Regulator Controller Plus Linear Regulator Controller

Allegro MicroSystems
A4407 The A4407 is an automotive power management IC that uses a 2.2 MHz constant on-time (COT) buck pre-regulator to supply a 5 V linear regulator, a 5 V tracking/protected linear regulator,

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