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ON-CHIP Dane, Datasheet

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Maxim Integrated Produc...
71M6103 On-Chip Temperature Sensor Enables Localized Digital Temperature On-Chip Power Monitoring

Sanyo Semicon Device
LC58E7008 On-Chip EPROM Microcomputer 4-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller with LCD Driver, 16 Kbytes of EPROM and 2Kbits of RAM On-Chip

Hi-Sincerity Mocroelect...
H277 On-chip Hall sensor

Sanyo Semicon Device
LC72715PW CMOS IC Mobile FM Multiplex Broadcast IC with On-Chip VICS Decoder
LC87F7LC8A CMOS IC FROM 128K byte, RAM 4096 byte on-chip 8-bit 1-chip Microcontroller
LC72314W Ultralow-Voltage ETR Controller with On-Chip LCD Driver

BN1A4Z on-chip resistor PNP silicon epitaxial transistor For mid-speed switching

Fujitsu Component Limit...
MB15E06 Single Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer On-Chip 2.5 GHz Prescaler

Sanyo Semicon Device
LC72344W Low-Voltage ETR Controller with On-Chip DC-DC Converter

GSI Technology
GS8672Q38BE-450I On-Chip ECC with virtually zero SER

Analog Devices
AD7760_15 2.5 MSPS, 24-Bit, 100 dB Sigma-Delta ADC with On-Chip Buffer

Silicon Laboratories
C8051F340 On-chip debug circuity facilitates full speed non-intru-sive in-system debug (No emulatr required)

Freescale Semiconductor...
MPX2102_10 100 kPa On-Chip Temperature Compensated Silicon Pressure Sensors

Fujitsu Component Limit...
MB15E06SR Single Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer On-chip 3.0 GHz Prescaler

Analog Devices
ADE7760 Energy Metering IC with On-Chip Fault Detection

Fujitsu Component Limit...
MB15U36 Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizer with On-Chip Prescaler

Sanyo Semicon Device
LC72E32 Single-Chip Microcontroller Plus PLL LSI with On-Chip UVEPROM

Analog Devices
AD7785_17 3-Channel, Low Noise, Low Power ADC with On-Chip In-Amp and Reference
ADE7761A_15 Energy Metering IC with On-Chip Fault and Missing Neutral Detection

Freescale Semiconductor...
MPXV7025G Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor On-Chip Signal Conditioned, Temperature Compensated and Calibrated

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